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          GPON 2.5G 1490nm TX/1.25G 1310nm RX Class C++ SFP Transceiver
          GPON 2.5G 1490nm TX/1.25G 1310nm RX Class C++ SFP Transceiver

          The GPBS-43G3-20C+ is a point to multi point (P2MP) Fiber to the Home, Business or Curb (FTTX) GPON OLT transceiver. It is designed for 2488Mb/s downstream / 1244Mb/s upstream duplex data links that employ high-speed burst mode TDM receivers/transmitters. It is based on the ITU-T G.984.2 Class C++ specifications for bidirectional communications over a single fiber and incorporates a high performance 1310nm Burst Mode APD/TIA receiver and 1490nm CW mode DFB transmitter with internal optical isolator. The Burst Signal Detect (Butst_SD), the Burst Mode Receiver Reset (Rx_RESET), Transmit Disable (Tx_DIS), Transmit Fault (Tx_FAULT) and the SFF-8472 I2C diagnostic interface monitor and control functions are LVTTL compatible. The industry standard 2x10 small form pluggable (SFP) package incorpor

          ● EPON OLT downlink interface

          ● Support ITU-T G.984.2 GPON OLT C+ +application

          ● Single fiber bi-directional data links with symmetric 2.488Gbps Tx and 1.244Gbps Rx

          ● 1490nm CW(continuous-wavelengh) Mode DFB Laser with Isolator

          ● 1310nm burst-mode receiver with APD-TIA

          ● 2-wire interface for integrated digital diagnostic Monitoring

          ● Receiver RESET, Signal Detect, RSSI function indication (RX_RESET, Burst_SD, RSSI)

          ● SFP package with SC/UPC receptacle optical interface

          ● Single +3.3V power supply

          ● Operation case temperature: 0~70°C

          ● Distance:20km

          ● Data Rate (max):1.25Gb/s; 2.5Gb/S

          ● Low End Case Temperature (°C):0

          ● High End Case Temperature (°C):70

          ● Diagnostics:Digital

          ● Transmitter:DFB

          ● Receiver:APD

          ● Voltage Supply:3.3

          ● Connector:SC

          ● Wavelength:1490nm/1310nm Band